By 7MEN Zippo.


omfg. I remember this doujin. I so wish someone translated it.

Funny as hell. And it’s All18. Hella smutty All18.

Why is he so damn cute D:


i srsly love it when he smiles or blushes. and i secretly ship him with mafuyu.

Wow, this looks like Amano-sensei’s art O.O

sexy as usual. the reason why i adore 6918 hnggg
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Too Seme


What is with all the 6918 lately?!?! No. Just no. Both of them are just too seme to be together. Besides they completely hate each other, if you are a true Katekyo Hitman Reborn fan, then please DO NOT pair them together. Please and Thank you.

oh um ok. i’ll follow your advice then. becos u r mah masturr and a tru khr fans and i has to follo ure insturcions to be a khr fan to. Bitch no. Who the fuck ships by the principle of seme/uke anyway nowadays. All I want is for them to fuck each other’s brains out because they’re one sexy pairing. On another note. They can, like switch their positions or some shit. 1869 and 6918 is pretty much the same thing. I like them (although am not sure anyone would agree) because I like their mindless fucking. 6918 isn’t necessarily romantic. They can be fuck buddies (more like fuck rivals lol) and I still view them as perfectly ok. I don’t think anyone’s ever denied their seme-ness or whatever fuck you fangirls call them. Are you gonna apply this to like every pairing where Hibari ends up being the bottom? D18, 8018 and shit? cos Hibari is too seme? and Yamamoto and Dino are also seme and like ‘um no they cant be togeher ok hibari needs to be the seme do you fucKING HEAR ME KHR FANS DONT SHIP THEM OK YOU JUST CANT IF YOU DO THEN YOURE NOT A TRUE FAN OK GET LOST FROM THIS FANDOM BITCH’. Who in the flying words of fuck wouldn’t want a relationship when you can like take a break from doing all the work in bed? Or when you can fuck things up if you’re sick of being the bottom dude and be on top once in a while? I WANT THAT, GURL. Getting offtopic. just wanted to say everyone can enter whatever ship they want to sail.

I hope more mangaka do this


Amano Akira; shipping her own creation.

mukuro is just staring like what the flying fuck are they doing and stalks their (not so secret now) dating event from far away omfg hes such a creep what tHE HELL IS HE DOING IN THE FIRST PIC LOL
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Picture’s way too cute for me to ignore although I ship 6918

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